The Gin List


GORDON’S ​­ served with lime.

Gordon’s is a classic dry gin with heavy juniper flavours and aromas.

BOMBAY ​­ served with lemon and juniper berries.
A crystal clean gin. It is delicate, light and slightly sweet with light juniper, lemon zest and coriander, strong peppery/chilli spice and stewed vegetal notes.

TANQUERAY ​­ served with lime.
This is a gin of great substance, balance and aromatic depth with primary flavours of angelica, juniper and coriander.

HENDRICK’S ​­ served with cucumber and rose petals.
Handcrafted gin with traditional botanicals: juniper, coriander and citrus peel but the special infusion of cucumber and rose petals creates a unique and unexpected flavours.

SAFFRON ​­​ ​served with orange zest and coriander.
This handcrafted gin is made from the finest natural botanicals in addition to the saffron which gives a delicately spicy character.

UNGAVA ​­ served with a slice of grapefruit and blackberries.
Ungava is made from six rare botanicals from North Canadian tundra. It is fruity, rich, sweet, tart and spicy.

MONKEY 47​ ­ served with sage, raspberries and lime.
A unsual gin from Black Forest in Germany made from 47 botanicals and bottled at 47%. Has a unique ingridient ­ the cranberries.

HAYMANS SLOE GIN ​­ served neat with a large cube of ice and a cinnamon stick.
Has intense plummy aromas , hints of almond nuttiness and delicious fruity flavours.

HAYMANS OLD TOM ­​ served with lemon and lime zest.
A rich, rounded profile and a beautiful delicate finish. Hints of citrus and juniper piney notes provide a delicious smooth taste.

GIN MARE ​­​ ​served with mango and crushed black pepper.

A Mediteranean gin with spicy , herbal and citrus notes.

GLENDALOUGH ​­ served with edible flowers and starwberries.
A seasonal gin made from wild botanicals from the surrounding Wicklow mountains. Each season will bring a different gin with varying taste and style.

OPIHR ​­​ ​serving suggestion is a double measure of gin with a slice of red chilli pepper and a star anise.
An oriental spiced gin inspired by the exotic aromas of ancient spice route with cardamon , coriander and black pepper.

THE BOTANIST ​­ served with green apple and thyme.
This is an artisanal Islay gin. Highly distinctive, complex, floral with outstanding finish and impecabile provenence.

DINGLE ​­ served with a slice of lemon and cloves.
The unique Irish botanicals give a fabulously fresh, floral character that perfectly balances the traditional juniper.

GUNPOWDER ​­​ ​served with grapefruit , rosemary and colorful pepper.

“Oriental botanicals , gunpowder tea and Irish curiosity.” This is a gin with a fresh citrus taste and spicy notes of oriental botanicals.

DUBLIN CITY ​­ served with ginger and blueberries.
This gin offers up all the classic juniper, citrus and spice flavours you would expect along with a subtle hint of rubharb.

6 O’CLOCK ​­​ ​served with a slice of pineapple and mint.

A delightful gin with bold citrus and mellow elderflower. Have a complex nut and fruit flavours with a long and floral finish.