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Beer Menu at Oak Alley

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Fischers Helles Beer (Germany) 5.5%                                                                                        €3.75                €5.85

A bit more malty, Fischers shares some spicy hop characters of Czech Pilsners, but has a more rounded flavour and finish

Peroni                                                                                                                                             €3.75               €6.70

Italy’s number one premium larger

McGargles Granny Mary’s Red Ale                                                                                              €3.25              €5.80

Locally brewed in Kilcock

McGargles Uncle Jim Stout                                                                                                          €3.25               €5.50


Bottled Beers

Corona   4.6% Mexico €4.95

Heineken 4.3% Holland €5

Coors Light 4.3% The Rocky Mountains €5


Craft Beers

Green Bullet Golden Ale (Mountain man Brewing Cork) 50cl 4% €7.75

Refreshing Golden Pale Ale with subtle flavours of pine and lemon with a smooth light body.

Great with Steaks and Burgers!

Hairy Goat IPA (Mountain man Brewing Cork) 50cl 4.5% €7.75

A copper coloured India Pale Ale with grapefruit, passion fruit and peach aroma coupled with a well balanced hop and malt flavour.

Fantastic with any Spicy dish!

Deception Golden Ale (Trouble Brewing Brewery Kildare) 4.3% 50cl €6.50

A smooth and refreshing ale with distinct hop bitterness. Subtle fruit flavours and a crisp lingering finish.

Pair with chicken, salmon or salad!

Dark Arts Porter (Trouble Brewing Brewery Kildare) 4.4% 50cl €6.50

Bursting with Coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours as a result of the complex malt profile,

Goes well with Roasted or smoked foods! 

Bo Bristle Amber Ale (Co.Offaly) 4.5% 50cl €6.50

It’s rich amber colour is achieved through a brew of the finest American citrus hops infused with fine malted barley.

Great with Chicken, Burgers and all things spicy!

Bo Bristle IPA 5% 50cl €6.50

This IPA balances passion fruit and tropical fruit hops with biscuity maris otter malts.

Perfect with our West Indies Curries!

Sam Adams 4.8% 330ml €5

Kentucky Bourbon Barrell Ale 8.2%   335ml €7

Aged for six weeks in freshly decanted bourbon barrels. Notes of caramel and vanilla in this strong dessert beer.

Great with Steaks or Pulled pork!

Blue Moon USA 5.4% 355ml €5.75

A Belgian White brewed in Colarado served with a slice of orange to accentuate the flavour.

Erdinger Weissbier Germany 5.3% 330ml €5.75

A wheat beer for those who love outstanding and unforgettable wheat beer flavor.

Erdinger Non Alcoholic 330ml €4.25



LeFevre 330ml €5.90

Sweet and slightly tannic, LeFevre cidre has a structure that is beautifully framed, a finish that demands an encore.

Kopparberg 330ml €5.90

Strawberry & lime or Pear or Elderflower & lime.



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